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Preserves Fresh Appearance of Plant Foods

Preserve the fresh appearance of fruits like apples or bananas, and vegetables like potatoes or artichokes, all of which are prone to turning brown when peeled and cut.keeping ingredient fresh

Preserves Fresh Appearance of Meats and Seafood

Oxygen can be insidious. Over time it will oxidize the red hue of meat to a permanent grayish-brown. Wrapping meat or seafood in paper or plastic wrap is far from the best way to preserve their fresh appearance; vacuum packing does a much better job.Keep fresh ingredients

Preserves Fresh Flavor of Meats and Seafood

Excluding oxygen does more than preserve appearances, it also keeps meats and seafood tasting and smelling fresh for longer by slowing oxidation. And although the flavor of some meat, and even the occasional fish, can benefit from some oxidation with aging, most don't.keep fresh on seafood

Avoids Warmed Over Flavor

One final benefit of vacuum packing meats and seafood is that it's the best way to prevent the slightly rancid aroma that meat and seafood can acquire when reheated as "leftovers". The underlying cause of this problem is, again, related to oxidation; and the only defense is to keep oxygen away from the food after it's been cooked the first time. Cooking, storing, and reheating meats and seafood in vacuum packaging will keep them fresh and delicious.keep food fresh food vacuum sealer
  1. Prevents mold and bacteria growth and keeps the nutrients intact and food fresh 5 times longer by free from air. 
  2. More than just a food saver! Not only can it keep fresh for normal grocery and food, but also store valuables like jewelry, antiques, paintings, important documents for long time.A Must Assistant to keep supplies dry for home, camping or traveling
  3. Automatic operation,which can free your hands with the notion of the seal indicator lights. Sealing function can be operated separately.
  4. Compact size – 14.2 x 2.1 x 2 inches to save more space,so it is very convenient to take along whenever you go.

Package included:
1 x Vacuum Sealer Machine
15 x Seal Bags
1 x User Manual
Sealing Length: 28cm
Power Source: Electric
With Vacuum Bag: Yes
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 100W
Size: 360*54*50mm
Package included:
1 x  Vacuum Sealer Machine
15 x Seal Bags    
1 x User Manual
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